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Salt and Meadow Spring Colonnade in Františkovy Lázně


Category: Spa Architecture region: Františkovy Lázně  | Město: Františkovy Lázně


In 1843, the two original wooden pavilions erected over Solný pramen (Salt Spring) and Luční pramen (Meadow Spring) were replaced by a new colonnade built in late Neoclassical style. The structure consists of three, axially interconnected pavilions, with the central pavilion towering over the remaining two. The seep of the Salt Spring may be found in the northern pavilion, while the Meadow Spring rises in the southern pavilion. The subtle stucco decorations in the interior are complemented with a monumental line of columns.


  • Solný pramen (Salt Spring)
  • Luční pramen (Meadow Spring)

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