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Mostov Chateau


Category: Chateaus region: 11-20 km from Františkovy Lázně  | Město: Mostov


Mostov Chateau was built on the site of a former stronghold in the 17th century and it was reconstructed in Pseudo-Gothic style in the 19th century. The chateau had been the residence of different noble families until the 1940s. Later, it served as the administrative headquarters of state-owned farms and briefly as a recreational facility for children. Following the Velvet Revolution, the chateau was privatised and reconstructed into a hotel at the beginning of the new millennium.

The present-day chateau hotel offers not only stylish guest rooms and a restaurant, but also an exposition of Slavkov porcelain mapping the history of porcelain making from 1792 to the present, and an exhibition of historical tile stoves.


Contact data

Address: Mostov 1

Phone: +420 354 400 450




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