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How to Get to Františkovy Lázně


Category: How to Get to Františkovy Lázně


There are several options of how to get to Františkovy Lázně since the spa town is easily accesible by car, train or even by air...

Travelling by Car to Františkovy Lázně

If you want to travel to Františkovy Lázně in your own car, the easiest way is to drive along first class roads and and the R6 motorway. You may plan your trip with the help of the route planner at Google maps or

You should observe the following traffic rules in the Czech Republic:

Speed Limits

  • In urban areas 50 km/h (unless otherwise indicated by a traffic sign)
  • Outside urban areas 90 km/h (unless otherwise indicated by a traffic sign)
  • Motorways and high-speed roads 130 km/h (unless otherwise indicated by a traffic sign)

Motorway Coupons & Toll

Most of the motorways and high-speed roads in the Czech Republic are subject road toll. These sections are always marked by the relevant traffic sign.

  • Vehicles up to 3.5 tons travelling on motorways and high-speed roads must be equipped with a motorway coupon, which may be purchased at any petrol station or post office. 10-day, 1-month and year coupons are available.
  • Vehicles over 3.5 tons are subject to toll on motorways and high-speed roads.

Travelling by Bus to Františkovy Lázně

You will get to Františkovy Lázně quite easily even if you decide to travel by bus...

International Bus Lines

Several direct bus lines run between Františkovy Lázně and Germany. From other European countries, you will first travel to Prague (the capital of the Czech Republic) where you will change to a bus to Františkovy Lázně.

Domestic Bus Lines

Domestic bus lines are operated by a number of carriers. Bus timetables are available at

Travelling by Train to Františkovy Lázně

You may also travel by train to Františkovy Lázně. Train timetables are available at

Travelling by Air to Františkovy Lázně

Do not hesitate to travel by air. A domestic and an international airport are located within reach of Františkovy Lázně.

International Airport

The closest international ariport is approximately 55 kilometres from Františkovy Lázně. The Karlovy Vary Airport operates regular international flights between Karlovy Vary and Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Tyumen), as well as charter flights between Karlovy Vary and Antalya in Turkey.

Other international flights depart and arrive at the Václav Havel International Airport in Prague from where you may travel to Karlovy Vary by bus. The bus stop is located outside the Departure Hall.

Domestic Airport

For domestic flights, you may use the Karlovy Vary Airport, as well as several other domestic airports that are located nearby. The closest is the Cheb Airport.


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