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About Balneology in Františkovy Lázně


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Františkovy Lázně (German: Franzensbad) is the smallest of the three spa towns forming the west Bohemian spa triangle – the other two are Karlovy Vary (German: Karlsbad, English: Carlsbad) and Mariánské Lázně (German: Marienbad). The town was officially founded by Emperor Franz I in 1793 as the world's first peat pulp baths, Nevertheless, the actual founder of the spa is considered to be Dr. Adler. The originally small rural spa soon gained repute due to its effective treatment and presently earned its place among the most sought-after resorts in Europe. It hosted such prominent personages as Goethe, Metternich, Beethoven, Strauss, Božena Němcová, Vítězslav Nezval or Franz Kafka.

Since the very beginning, the local spa treatment has been founded on utilising natural healing resources, which include curative springs, peat pulp, and gases. For centuries, the healing resources have been successfully used in various procedures primarily focusing on the treatment of gynaecological diseases, locomotive and circulatory system disorders, or oncological diseases.

The traditional spa treatment  has been perfected over two hundred years of the existence of the spa. The present-day spa treatment is founded on traditional, scientifically-proven therapeutic methods and it mainly consists of peat pulp baths, peat pulp wraps, drinking cures, dry carbon baths, gas injections, and carbon baths. In addition to spa procedures, the spa facilities offer the ever more popular wellness procedures that you may pamper yourself with separately or as a part of special-offer wellness packages.

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